Our CEO, John “E.J.” McCarthy heads up the strategy and operations of the company, where he calls upon his 15 years in the biotech sector as a scientist, investor, and entrepreneur.

His professional accomplishments include analyzing and de-risking a potential drug for late stage prostate cancer as CSO and later CEO of Pramanta Sciences, serving as a senior analyst on a biotech trading desk at ExarNorth Partners, and aiding the development of novel immunodiagnostic systems at Wellstat Diagnostics. 

His academic achievements are similarly diversified. He received undergraduate qualifications in Biochemistry and Mathematics at Boston College, followed by a Master’s Degree in Tumor Biology at Georgetown University. He is currently a final year doctoral student at the University of Cambridge, where his areas of study cover topics which range from genetic engineering and financial analytics to prostate cancer and electrochemical systems modeling.

Konstantinos Voudouris, our CTO, is a PhD student from the University of Cambridge, with a background in cognitive psychology, theoretical linguistics, and statistical methodology. He graduated top of his class in theoretical linguistics in 2019, and received an MPhil by viva in Biological Sciences in 2020, both at the University of Cambridge. His PhD research focuses on robustly evaluating embodied Artificial Intelligence systems in the context of developmental and comparative psychology, using advanced statistical techniques. He has published several articles in peer reviewed journals and conferences, in the topics of machine learning, natural language processing, comparative psychology, and statistical methodology. He brings practical experience from his work with the UK government as a statistical analyst on the COVID-19 Infection Survey in the summer of 2021.

Dr Dylan Whitaker, is our COO. A clinician at Cambridge University Hospital and North West NHS Foundation Trust working in the departments of Surgery (Neurosurgery and Trauma) and Intensive Care Medicine. Dylan’s research interests revolve around the use of spinal cord neruostimulators for the management of chronic pain; he has presented his work at international conferences. Dylan brings backend development and clinical appraisal to Cambridge Bio Nexus. In the future he hopes to pursue a PhD in the application of machine learning to improve patient outcomes in the Intensive Care Unit. Outside of work Dylan is a keen cyclist as well as an avid fan of formula one and international rowing.

Jasmine Howard joins CBN as Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs with a host of health-based legal experience. She has experience in private sector health law litigation, in house counsel, and government litigation. Jasmine holds an undergraduate degree from Boston College, a Master’s of Public Health from Tufts University School of Medical, and a Juris Doctorate from Northeastern University School of Law.

Conor Heffernan, our Director of Data Validation, is an Applied Mathematician focusing on problems in fluid optimization. Following on from studies at University College Cork, UC San Diego and the Part III Maths Masters at Cambridge, Conor stayed on at Cambridge for a PhD in DAMTP. He is studying how certain metrics for fluid mixing determine the dynamics for myriad optimization problems. Outside of maths, he enjoys chess and is partial to a game of squash

Dr Jennifer Caisley joins CBN as a Director of Communications and Corporate Development. She brings an array of professional experience, garnered first and foremost through her own private professional practice heading a communications and language services business, which enhances corporate communications between enterprises and their key stakeholders. Prior to this she was involved in a global education startup, serving most recently as their Chief Development Officer. Her academic resume is similarly impressive. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s, 2 master’s degrees, and a doctorate from the University of Cambridge. Her fields of study center around linguistics and modern languages, and she has published several works around her doctoral dissertation examining the representation of historical mining practices in literature.