About the BioFASt

The BioFASt is the platform that underpins the Cambridge BioNexus reports and Insights.

Using a wide range of data sources we tap into information on:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Drug biochemistry and pharmacology
  • Patents and drug approval
  • Medical epidemiology and disease pathology
  • Company profiles including finance and personal data
  • Current affairs and trends in traditional and social media

We use academic gold standard methods and techniques to analyse the various metrics we gather to produce scientifically robust insights into the science. This is then processed and analysed using statistics and natural language processing, thus leveraging artificial intelligence to dive deeper into the web of information.


At Cambridge BioNexus we produce appraisal dashboards on over 500 Biotech companies, ranging from the pharmaceutical giants to the small operations disrupted the industry. Our reports give a summaries dive into 8 different domains.

  • Finance – Traditional financial analytics to be able to benchmark the company
  • Legal and regulatory – What patents does the company own and how do they fit into the current legal landscape
  • Clinical – Which clinical trials are running and what would success in these studies look like
  • Commercial and epidemiology – What are the disease characteristics and how does this translate to patients as consumers
  • Biochemistry – How does molecular analysis of the drug compare with the claims of the company
  • Meta-analysis – A summary of all the academic pre-clinical work on the drug and how does the science support the drug
  • Media events – A collection of mainstream press releases and underground chatter to give a powerful summarisation of the companies standing in the biotech and wider community.

Our dashboards are constantly evolving and are updated very regularly so you always have the most up to date information.

With the BioFASt dashboard you can be informed up to the minute, in minutes!

To demonstrate the BioFASt you can view the dashboard for AbbVie. This is not an example but the real live dashboard, regularly updated with all the latest releases, free of charge.

Insight reports

With the BioFASt Platform we are able to look at the industry as a whole across all 8 domains and pick out the movers and shakers. Our team are constantly monitoring the outputs of the system to pick out trends and standouts. We produce regular insight articles and reports on a range of topics

  • Clinic trial results – What implications does the results of a pivotal study mean for the rest of the industry?
  • Quarterly reports – How does the industry quarterly financial reports match up with our predications for where they are going?
  • Hot spots – Why is twitter and the news going crazy over a new company and are they right to get excited?

Our Insight articles are published on our website for members only as well as being disseminated over email. You can find an example here:

IMNM report

A client recently asked us to explore the disease space of Immune-mediated Necrotising Myositis. Using our BioFAST platform we where able to quickly generate a report that explored the disease, pathology and where the clinical trials where leading the treatments.

Using AI enhancement we were rapidly able to critically appraise the report in house and delivery key learning points and highlights. This allowed our client to rapidly understand the disease landscape.

An extract of the IMNM report showing how we where able to leverage the power of advised Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with out expert in house knowledge to rapidly find and summaries complex medical pathology

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