About Cambridge BioNexus

About Cambridge BioNexus

Founded by a group of close friends in Cambridge, England; we have grown to a start-up with members across the UK and US. Born out the idea of EJ McCarthy that there must be a better way to analyse biotech opportunities to the common investor.

Commonly seen as a black box, how can you ever know if the drug that is being peddled over powerpoint is the real deal without a MD, Bachelors in Biochemistry, masters in Drug development and 15 years of industry experience.

Analysing Biotech companies with traditional finance metrics is like estimating a car’s top speed by the colour of the paint.

David Carslaw

To academics, the ability to appraise the science is core to the day to day work in research. Whether it’s a PhD in Artificial intelligence or Medical Degree using the evidence to make informed decisions is fundamental.

Cambridge BioNexus team working out of the Judge Business School, Cambridge

At Cambridge BioNexus we saw an opportunity to come together and combine our collective knowledge of investing, biochemistry, statistics, medicine and artificial intelligence with the aim that we can open the black box behind biotech opportunities to bring you real insights into the scientific backing allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your investments.

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