Autumn update: Report progress and exciting things to come

Autumn update: Report progress and exciting things to come

As we come out of a summer of great progress we have been looking back on where we have come in the last year. We have made great strides in the last few months standing up our website, delivering our first set of reports and making big developments to the BioFast.

We have welcome Conor to our team who is driving the validation and predication of our metrics. Kozzy has made steps with implementation of Natural language process using his linguistics and computer science background. We hope we can start leveraging these skills into advanced summarisation and sentiment analysis that would be applicable to a number of our domains.


We have been accepted into a number of accelerators for the new academic year.

Being invited to the 2nd year of the King’s College E-Lab that include a weeks residential course plus a year long accelerator program aimed at developing core entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, we have returned for a second year at the Cambridge Judge Business School accelerator program. Meeting with a number of influential mentors we have been receiving excellent feedback and lots of interest. We look forward to where the year will take us with a number of other programs and prizes we look forward to entering.

BioFast Reports Progress

We have made big steps in developing our reports. Introducing new meta-anagltics and Personnel tabs exploring a deep dive into the pre-clinical academic and who are really are the leaders of the companies.

One of our early prototype reports

To our current report with far more tools and content

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