Insight: What Karyopharm’s new trial data means for cancer drug development

Insight: What Karyopharm’s new trial data means for cancer drug development

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The latest trial from Karyopharm has just released its new results. The selenexor compound has shown good results in the stage 3 trials. Whilst this was an expected result to the biotech world and individually has little impact it lays the path for modification of other hormone receptor antagonists.

Mechanism of action

Selenexor (Xpovia) is a selective nuclear export inhibitor.

We have a whole host of hormone antagonistic compounds on the market for a whole host of cancer and non-cancer applications. However Selenexor is a novel XPO1 receptor specific inhibitor. By using GWAS and proteomics reconstruction Karyopharm where able to create a designer compounds with a very target action. This process is not particularly new or secret however it has taken time from the lab bench to the pharmaceutical companies trials.

Impact on biotech

Karyopharm is not alone in using these techniques to develop pharmaceuticals, there are a whole host of other companies doing similar things. Using the Cambridge Bio Nexus BioFast system we where able to run a search to look for companies who are working in the same realm. Following a full appraisal of our companies of interest we have developed a shortlist of companies to watch. The following all have compounds that are close to publishing their stage 3 trial results and we expect to see a jump in stock price in the coming months.

  • Karyopharm – Eltanexor – Stage 3 trial expected Winter 2022/23
  • Abbot – Bimax 2 – Stage 1 trial due to start 2023
  • Meryk – INI-43 – Stage 3 trial with Cisplatin due summer 2023

We are excited to see what further insights the BioFAST tool will be able to provide. Get in touch if you have specific questions you would like us to help answers using the BioFAST.


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